Beekeeping Information, Suppliers and Resources

Below are links to beekeeping suppliers and websites which I find useful.

Useful Beekeeping Websites

  • Scientific Beekeeping: Randy Oliver is a beekeeper based in Californian who has a background in biology. As the title of his website suggests, Randy evaluates beekeeping techniques from a scientific perspective. He is a writer for the American Bee Journal; several of his articles have been republished here. I especially recommend his information about Varroa mite screening and treatment, Nosema screening and small scale queen rearing. Being a scientist by training myself, I appreciate the work that Randy has done.
  • Bush Farms: The Practical Beekeeper- Beekeeping Naturally Mike Bush is a beekeeper based in Southeastern Nebraska. Mike is an advocate sustainable beekeeping: no treatment, clean-wax,  natural cell size, and feeding not at all or only when absolutely necessary. His website has a wealth of information about beekeeping; Mike has published his own book  The Practical Beekeeper- Beekeeping Naturally. Mike has as done a great service by re-publishing several out-of-print classic beekeeping texts on his website. An informational and valuable website with much more info than I could ever describe here.
  • Queen Grafting Calendar: Timing is everything when it comes to raising queens successfully. Here is a calculator kindly provided by the Beekeepers of the Susquehanna Valley Association . All you have to do is enter your grafting dates, and all dates are calculated for you! No more miscalculation of dates and opening your cell finisher only to discover that the first virgin has emerged and destroyed all of the other queen cells!

Beekeeping Education:

  • University of Montana Online Master Beekeeping Certificate ProgramThis on-line program consists of three university-level courses at the apprentice, journeyman and master levels, culminating in a certificate designating the participant as a “Master Beekeeper.”  Experienced beekeepers have the option of testing out of the first year. One of the best aspects of this program is that you can establish relationships/friendships with other beekeepers across the US and even outside the US. As a participant in this beekeeping certification program, I highly recommend it to others- no matter if you are a complete beginner or someone who has kept bees for years.

Beekeeping Suppliers

  • Better Bee8 Meader Road, Greenwich, NY 12834