Our honey

honeySouth Dakota is one of the top honey producing states in the United States, consistently 2nd or 3rd in total honey production after North Dakota.

In wet years the sweet clover can grow 7 foot tall. In one of those amazing  “sweet clover years” one struggles to keep enough boxes on the hives to keep up with the flow. I’ve had hives fill, ripen and cap a shallow super in a week. In a good year, some of our top hives can produce 200 to over 300 lbs of honey each

We produce primarily liquid extracted honey-  we strain our honey only to remove larger particles- we do not heat treat (pasteurize) or microfilter. This results in there being more natural pollen and wax particles in our honey, as compared to many store-bought honeys.

This also makes our honey more likely to crystallize. Crystallization is a natural process- if you prefer your honey as liquid, then place the bottle into very hot water for to re-liquefy.

We also produce small amounts of section comb honey in Ross Rounds.  The comb honey super with the sections are placed on the hive and the bees naturally draw out the comb from beeswax they secrete, filling the sections of comb with honey.

Very few beekeepers produce comb honey, because the market is small and also because it is 1 lb honey jar 2014rather labor intensive to produce. However there is no greater guarantee of getting the “real thing” –  than getting it just as the bees produced themselves in the comb. It’s honey the way nature intended.

The beeswax is harmless and may be eaten along with the honey. We think comb honey is best enjoyed on a sourdough baguette.  But you may “chew and spit” if you prefer.

Our current retail prices are:

  • $5 per pound, liquid extracted honey
  • $10 per round section comb honey

At this time we do not ship. All honey must be picked up at our farm.