To Purchase Bees

Our primary focus is breeding mite-resistant, gentle, productive, northern raised queens.

Queen breeding is highly weather dependent, thus we are unable to offer queens for sale as early as southern or California queen producers.

Furthermore, wet or cold weather may prevent or delay queen production due to virgin queens and drones requiring warm sunny days to go on their mating flights.

In general we produce queens for sale in mid-June, July through mid-August.  

We prefer to avoid banking queens, because queen banking can result in in decreased queen quality, decreased acceptance, and increased supersedure rates. Because we do not bank queens long term, it means that we rarely would have extra queens available immediately (such as to urgently replace a lost queen). Instead we prefer to graft queen cells based on our queen pre-orders.

Nonetheless,  if  you need a queen on short notice during our queen breeding season of mid June through August, it never hurts to contact us just to see if we might happen to have an extra.   You never know,  we might just have one for you.

We are selective: if a queen doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t sell it.

We do not ship….ALL QUEENS ARE FOR LOCAL PICK UP ONLY (or delivery within Rapid City area, by prior arrangement only).


  • Queen cells: $10 each

PRE-ORDER ENCOURAGED (Please send a message to get on our list).

From 2017  through the foreseeable future, we will be expanding our queen rearing operation and will no longer have any extra overwintered nucs available. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


2 thoughts on “To Purchase Bees

  1. Do you have nucs available for this 2016 spring? If not, do you know of anyone near Rapid that might?
    Don Curtis-Gillette, Wy


  2. All of our nucs for spring 2016 are already reserved. If we have a less than expected winter loss this year, then we might have some extra, but we won’t know that until April. There are folks who bring nucs in to Rapid City, I will send you an email about their contact info.


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